Anthropological Artifact Project

GG and The University of New Mexico, Los Alamos:
Anthropological Artifact Project

This autumn 2.a from Gladsaxe Gymnasium and English 100 from University of New Mexico, Los Alamos branch started a very unusual cultural writing project. Each student was asked to fill a small bag with items that would describe him or her well. All the bags were collected and sent to the other participating school. At the receiving end, a student would write a portrait of the person represented by the items in the bag. The objective of the exchange is to give our students insights into differences and similarities between Danish and New Mexican/ American culture.

Judging from comments from the students at GG, the project has succeeded in fulfilling these objectives:

My experience of this project has only been positive. I think that it has very interesting to write about another person, from another country very different from mine and, only have some of her items to work with. I have learned a lot about New Mexico that I didn’t know when we first started. And I have come to write to another girl my age, sitting millions of miles away from me, but still I can see that we do have a lot in common.       - Louise C.

I think this project has been a great opportunity to get an insight into the lifestyle and personality of someone from a country so far away. I’m surprised of how easy I found it to analyze my New Mexican friend from the artifacts I was given and though what I wrote might not be true, I really enjoyed making a friend in New Mexico.   - Julie L.

This project makes me want to go to New Mexico. When our teacher suggested this project, I thought it would be fun and interesting because I haven’t tried to write to another person in a foreign country in another language than my own, so I really supported the idea. Before this project, I didn’t know much about New Mexico. But after this I have been learned a lot about the values of New Mexico and my knowledge about the state has been extended. I’ve also hope my American friend has learned something from this and enjoyed it as much as I have. - Natacha

In this UNM-LA GG baggie project, we have learned that rules and norms are different in every country, and in Denmark we are VERY liberated and independent. That’s mostly a good thing. We live in a small country but almost everyone has visited another country. We are a traveling population and we are very global. We think young people in Los Alamos are very adventurous, but because they live in such a huge country it is not that common to travel.  It seems like both communities are populated by adventurous people and both communities are interested in learning about other cultures.      - Olivia and Emilia